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After attending Columbia University in NYC, Mr. Wilson studied acting and theater arts at the famed Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater from which he graduated in 1971. His craft was forged under the tutelage of legendary acting teachers, Sanford Meisner and William Esper. 

David’s work in the entertainment industry spans five decades. During this time, he has worked at every level and in virtually every capacity of the industry on more than 100 productions on live stage, in film, television and music. He has acted, written, recorded, produced and directed both in the US and abroad. 

His leadership in the industry encompasses far more than just his acting and teaching. A pioneer in the use of the internet for the development, production, marketing, merchandising and distribution of all things related to entertainment content, he was the first to approach MIT about developing the digital domain to include every aspect of public interaction and commercial exploitation.

Additionally, his drive to make entertainment content relevant to social development has given rise to inumerable other entities that have seen the value of his contributions and incorporated many of them in their own efforts to impact the industry.

As author of the first comprehensive plan (AFPA Plan-1988) for the commercial application and exploitation of the internet, he is humbled by the fact that it has become THE model for AOL and all of the ISPs that followed, even to this day.


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David Patrick Wilson – Writer/Director/ Producer/Actor